About us -formerly UrLifeTrax

Who is behind ICO?

We are veterans of an internationally recognized Search and Rescue agency. Over the course of our combined 45 years careers, we have witnessed heartbreaking stories of life and death, many of which could have been averted with the simple ability to transmit information about their planned, current and projected trip details. We are motivated based on experience and passion.

The parent company of ICO (formerly UrLifeTrax) and LifeCool is AllWaterMarine Group (AWMG) and both companies were born out of our team’s desire to save lives. but the story of this company can be traced to heroine event that happened in November of 2012, a vessel carrying two brothers capsized in the Atlantic Ocean. The boat had been unexpectedly swamped by an extremely large wave. The bilge pump on the boat turned on as expected but was unable to keep up with the fast rising water. A second wave then dumped even more water into the already sinking vessel. Within 15 seconds of being hit by the second wave, the vessel capsized, starting what would be a perilous 10-hour period where both men were left clinging only to a cooler.

The brothers found themselves stranded in the water as darkness began to fall and no one knew their location, where they were going and when they would be returning. Their fun filled adventure quickly turned into a nightmare. As they were immersed unwillingly into the water their radio was submerged and the required lifejackets remained stowed in a forward storage compartment. The only thing left floating was a 30 quart cooler. With the shoreline well over a mile away both men grabbed for the empty cooler in an attempt to stay together and afloat.

The founder of AWMG conceived two ideas that day. LifeCool and ICO. LifeCool is a cooler that also serves as a life raft which is designed to greatly increase your visibility to searchers and also keeps victims together and afloat. ICO is the techie piece that allows users to easily communicate their activity plans, whether on the water, hiking, shopping or even a blind date. The details documented can be sent to family and friends and even 911. Our desire is to empower you to take the search out of your rescue.

Take a look at Lifecool and see how we are making personal safety a priority.