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Making a call, sending a text, or remembering to press a panic button when you need help is not always possible. You never know when you might be a victim, be out of range for cell service or have a dead cell phone battery.


Unlike most personal safety apps, ICO provides complete position information to include current, past and planned location. Additionally, our complimentary website hosts users’ medical, physical, and activity (boating, hiking, etc.) profile and activity information. ICO takes the search out of your rescue by empowering THOSE WHO MATTER MOST to make smarter decisions when time is of the essence.


This is not a personal tracker for parents to follow their kids. Instead, ICO safeguards your location and personal information until the safety parameters you set are exceeded. How much information and who you share it with is completely up to you!


Deviating from your plan triggers a notification to you with a request to check-in. Failure to acknowledge the alert within 5-10 minutes will cause an informational SMS to be automatically sent to designated family members or trusted friends who can take action to contact you. In the event of an emergency, ICO will be able to provide lifesaving information to first responders. ICO times the alerts so that your first emergency contact is given an opportunity to contact you or resolve the emergency. You can always send a text to 911 with the push of a button.


A safety pin unique to you is used to confirm your identity each time you check-in, cancel an alert, exceed your desired safety parameters or if you manually send an SMS to 911. The pin also allows you to verify whether you need assistance. Enter your pin with confidence knowing that in the event of a true emergency, you can discreetly send an alert by entering a duress code.


ICO’s core features work when you don’t have constant cell phone or data coverage. The information you provide about your activity is uploaded directly to our server, which at the minimum, monitors your planned activity completion time. If cellphone service is lost or intermittent, ICO will continue to log and locally store location information until coverage is restored and data can be uploaded to the server.


Put lifesaving information at the ready before an emergency happens by completing your online emergency and personal profile. Your PERSONAL PROFILE allows you to share basic medical and physical characteristics data as well as your complete position information. Recipients of the SMS alert receive a web link with a 4-digit ID that allows recipients to access information that can be conveyed to first responders. The alert expires once you check-in using the ICO app or the emergency check-in option on our website.



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