Our App

Set & Forget

Making a call, sending a text, or pressing a panic button is not always possible. Let ICO leverage our patented process to auto alert those who matter most with personalized text messages.


We safeguard your location & personal information. How much information and whom you share it with is up to you!


Lost phone or a dead battery? ICO does not rely upon a data connection to notify others. And if you do not have access to your phone you can check in using the ICO website.

APP Features

Automatic alerts

SMS alerts are sent if you do not check-in when you said you would, or, you enter a wrong safety pin, if you manually send an alert or if ICO senses you may have fallen or been involved in a crash.

Share what & when you want

Share what your doing & when you expect to return with anyone you want to have access to your location & profile. After you check-in those permissions expire.

What happens if you lose your data signal?

With data service ICO can monitor your location. Without data, ICO can log your location & once data is restored location information will be uploaded. But ICO will always send SMS alerts if you fail to check-in after your activity expires.


A pin unique to you is used to confirm your identity & need for assistance at each check-in or to cancel an alert . Entering the wrong pin 2x allows you to discreetly send an emergency SMS alert.

Rescue Panel

Put lifesaving information at the ready before an emergency happens by completing your online emergency and personal profile. Your PERSONAL PROFILE allows you to share basic medical and physical characteristics data as well as your complete position information. Recipients of the SMS alert receive a web link with a 4-digit ID that allows recipients to access information that can be conveyed to first responders. The alert expires once you check-in using the ICO app or the emergency check-in option on our website.