What is ICO?

A user friendly social safety application that can be used on the water (our specialty!) on a mountain, or even a blind date. ICO is for your entire life.

What will it cost?

Right now ICO is free with ads. But we are planning to launch a premium ad free version for a small monthly fee.

What kind of phones support ICO?

We have both Android and iOS covered!

How can ICO keep me safe?

You tell us! Could be a trip to the grocery store, fishing trip or even a blind date. Enter as little or as many details about the activity.

ICO proactively ensures your current, historical, projected location and trip details are readily available to those you feel matter the most. ICO leverages SMS, social media and email to send updates and alerts.

Is a smartphone required to use ICO?

Only the ICO user needs the application installed on their phone. Those who do not have ICO will be able to view trip information using the ICO web site.

How do rescue personnel or my emergency contacts cancel the ICO alert?

Your contacts or dispatcher accesses the ICO rescue panel and then clicks on the ACKNOWLEDGE button. Once selected the user and other emergency contacts are notified by SMS that you are safe and sound.

How do I update or change my credit card information?

It is easy! You can manage your subscription through the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Just log into the respective store and update your card information.

What happens if you have no signal?

ICO will work without cell phone coverage. We use both GPS and cellular networks to determine location. If a user loses their cellphone signal ICO will continue to log and store location information. Once cell coverage is reacquired ICOx will send both backlogged and current location data to the ICO server.

What happens if you are running late?

The ICO server is working behind the scenes to keep you safe! Fail to respond to AutoTrax and a SMS and email with a perishable PIN code and link to ICO will be sent to your selected contacts. The link to the ICO website will provide them with your complete activity information.

My privacy is important, can I be tracked by anyone?

We completely value the freedoms we have and understand the growing pressure on personal privacy. We are building ICO in a way that allows users to retain and share personal information in the event of an emergency. Some personal tracking apps display a users each and every move, but at ICO we believe you should be in control. Share when and as little as you want with ICO!

Can anyone see the information on the website?

Only those contacts you select and trust can see the information you provide. Empower them to make the decision to share this information with first responders on your behalf. You are in complete control of your information because you decide who will receive it.

Will I be able to access personal information of users attached to my account?

Everyone deserves a little privacy, right? Only those who you send an alert to can access the rescue panel.

What is the safety pin used for?

The safety pin is a 4 digit pin code you select to allow us to validate your identify and verify that you need assistance or are in duress. Each activity requires you to enter your pin correctly to close the activity. Enter your pin correctly and a distress SMS is immediately and discretely sent to your designated contacts.

How does ICO know if I have been in a car crash or a sever fall?

ICO uses the accelerometer of your smart phone to sense a sever impact. The ability to measure an impact accurately is determined by your phones accelerometer hardware. This will be released in our premium version!

Can I keep my account if I start using a new phone?

Yes! We store your account information so that nothing is lost when you switch to a new phone. You can use your same log in information on your new phone to access Ico. Follow these steps to log back in:

1) Download Ico to your new phone

2) Log in with the same username and password you used to set up your account

3) Got to App Settings > Profile > Edit to change your phone number.

4) Log out of Ico and use your new phone number to log in.

My position is not being updated properly while tracking. What is causing this and how can I fix it?

If your GPS results appear to be inaccurate or if you are not able to get a GPS signal follow these instructions:

a. Make sure you have installed the latest version of the ICO and that battery saver is not enabled (Android). If battery saver is enabled you will be prompted to disable it before using.

b. Otherwise, restart your smartphone and make sure that you open the app with a visible line to the sky. Before you start your next activity, be sure to wait until there is a green GPS signal indicator. If not, open Google maps, iOS maps or Nokia / Bing Maps, then open the ICO app and let it search for 2-5 minutes for a GPS signal.

d. If none of the above work, it is possible the app did not download to the phone correctly, try deleting/reinstalling the app.

Note: Though most users will never have an issue, due to the different built-in GPS receivers in each smartphone, we cannot guarantee exact tracking results. Performance will be negatively impacted when; near - High buildings - Deep forests - Areas where it is very cloudy - Huge amounts of water like lakes, sea etc. If you end up in the areas listed then this can affect your GPS signal during your activity. Be aware that just because some map apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps etc. may show your location on the map, this does not mean that the device's GPS is functioning properly or that a GPS fix has been obtained. The data used to show your location on the map may be based on cellular network or wi-fi signals.

Can I share my activity with other users?

Yes, share your activity with fellow ICO users by using the share button. After sharing your activity the recipients of the SMS will be able to access your information via the rescue portal.

Can I keep my account if I start using a new phone?

Yes! You can use your same log in information on your new phone to access ICO. Follow these steps to log back in:

1) Download ICO to your new phone

2) Log in with the same username and password you used to set up your account

3) Got to App Settings > Profile > Edit to change your phone number.

4) Log out of ICO and use your new phone number to log in.

Does ICO follow and log my position after I close the app?

This is a two part question. If you log out of the app or manually close it, the app will no longer be able to follow your location. Upon reopening ICO your position will once again be followed. The best way to ensure your position is being logged is to minimize the application by simply depressing the home button which will take you back to your phones main screen. ICO will continue to operate in the background while you use other applications.